Primary School

This week I am off for whole week to send Carmen to her primary school. It is a new environment for her, so I have to make sure everything goes well.

Things that I need to make sure are she know where’s the canteen, where to sit in the canteen as I had paid for her monthly meals, where to wait for aunty to pick her home. Aunty is the one who send her and fetch her home.
Maybe is first week of schooling, the car park are full of cars. When the last school bell rings, I can see all the students coming out from one exit. Can you imagine how crowded it is?

First day, I fetched her home. Second day, she suppose to follow aunty car but aunty stuck in the traffic, so I fetched her home. I was there to make sure she knows where to wait for aunty, but maybe is too many people at one area. She was pushed and moved to other corner. So I told her don’t come out from the school, wait inside, wait until aunty come and look for you. It is safer inside the school rather in the waiting zone.

Other issues are fine as she can make friends easily in the classroom. She already found her lunch mate. They hold hands to the canteen for meals and hold hands back to the class room after meals. Now she wants her lunch mate more than me.

Next Monday I won’t be there, hope everything are fine.

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